CjWright and Victoria

Hey Everyone! Here is another photo update from the latest BBW Movie I directed for WCP!!! You will be able to purchase the footage at wcpclub.com This was the second time that Victoria and I were able to work together. I was very surprised to see that her booty looked twice as big as the first time we worked together. I pretty much just asked her to marry me for a few hours, since I had no plans of letting her go that easy. I didn't have a specific theme for this scene, I just wanted the most natural feeling to kind of carry us through the day. We both had a good vibe with each other and were able to forget that it was supposed to be work. I remember when we first met, she explained that she didn't think I could handle all of what she is carrying.......lolol.....I took it personal!!! I doubt she feels that way now.

Cj-Victoria_001.jpg Cj-Victoria_002.jpg
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That was an eye-opener but she told me that he was just going to go to the movies while she and I got to know each-other better. She explained that they both hoped for her to have a wonderful story to tell once she called him to pick her up. I was a little nervous in the beginning but I soon forgot all about her husband and just jumped all over her nice big round booty!